Finn's Demon Blood Sword Cross Guard

First off, we apologize for not updating for a year. yes, we are terrible people, but this year has a lot going on for Blue and I, that didn't get a chance to record and write anything. Sorry again.

Anyway this is in response to Reed Odell's request. Since I didn't get to photograph how I made the cross guard, I took a while to figure out how to explain with photoshop graphics, sorry.

So this will come in around 7 or 8 of the Basic Sword Making Tutorial

What you will need:

Craft foam
Foam board
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Newspaper and PVA

These are all pictured in the Basic Sword Tutorial

and Begin:

1) So before you start the guard, you should have the blade base and core of guard done like so.

Sword will be drawn in white from here on out

Using you foam board, draw out and cut out the 2 of shapes of the cross guard.

Remember 2 pieces needed. Guard piece will be draw in red from here on out
2) Now hot glue the bases on to their respective locations on the sword.
front view

side view

bottom view
3) You'll need to add some supports for the arms of the guards now. Cut out two rectangular pieces and glue them between the top and bottom of the arms like so:

from the side it should look like an 'I' of 'H' beam.
4) Cut out two more rectangle pieces from the foam board and attach them to the sides of the straight lines of the guard to close it off.
Straight parts highlighted in blue.
Side view of closing up the sides.
5) Now for round edges, its kinda trouble some to use foam board. So his is where the ever flexible craft foam comes in. Just stick the craft foam following the curves of the rounded edges with hot glue.
Guard traced in red. The parts that we are covering with foam board and craft foam in light orange. Photo by Rainbow Cinematography.
6) Now you can return to step 9 of the Basic Cosplay Sword Tutorial, covering with newspaper and PVA and then onto the paint job.

Hope this helps, and we'll try to reactivate ourselves. Sorry this took awhile to write as well and I hope it makes sense. Please feel free to ask questions.

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