Wig washing tutorial


Blue here with a simple filler update on wig-washing. It's actually really simple so I've no idea why I made it into a tutorial since there's a bazillion other wig washing tutorials out there. Maybe some poor soul with a dirty, smelly, hairspray-dried wig may find this helpful. 8'D

Let's get started then!

What you'll need:

Bucket/ Pail
Wig shampoo
Conditioner (optional)

Wig shampoo vs normal shampoo. God knows what the difference is but I'm just using wig shampoo cause we got it free from *~somewhere~*. Some say normal shampoo spoils wigs, some say that it's totally fine. I say go with whatever you have. It's just a wig. You can google the differences if you'd like.

Warm water? Cold water? I personally prefer warm + cold water so it's more of a room temperature kind of water. If the water's too hot it'll start to do wonky stuff to your wig. Some wigs might even melt if it's too hot.

1) Before washing, comb your wig out. COMB IT OUT. This would make your life so much easier. Get rid of all the tangles and whatnot in your wig by combing it out.

2) Next, shampoo! You can just use roughly this amount or slightly more than a tablespoon of shampoo to and dump it in the water. Swirl it around and place your wig in the shampoo water.

I like to make sure that my whole wig is covered by the shampoo water so I'll usually gently dunk and lift the wig in the water as well.

3) Leave the wig in the water for about 20-30mins or however long you feel like leaving it in. 30mins should be fine for most wigs but I tend to leave long wigs in the water slightly longer.

3.5) EAT A BANANA. No, I kid. Just wait.

4) Dump the dirty water out.

5) At this point you have two choices, wash out most of the shampoo using by a) running the wig under the tap or b) filling the pail with clean water and re-dunking and lifting or swoshing and swirling the wig in the clean water. You can do both if you want to be sure that you got all the shampoo out!

6) You're mostly done. If you're happy with the wig, squeeze the water out (gently!), pat it dry on a towel, dump it on a wig stand to dry aaaand you're done! If you want to go an extra step or if you think your wig shampoo smells weird, you can condition it!

7) I'm using Herbal Essences conditioner because it's the only conditioner I have lying about near me and because I love the smell!

So basically what I do is I squeeze out conditioner into my hand and kind of rub the conditioner into the wig in this direction:

Do not do anything against the direction of the wig fibres!

After you're satisfied that you covered the whole wig, rinse it off and dry the wig!

(I think this might open in a bigger size if you click on it)

Now you have a happy, clean and nice-smelling wig. :)

P.S: If you have wig conditioner or leave-on conditioner, spray it on while the wig is drying.


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