Making Miku Square Ribbons

Floating ribbons that defy the world are apparently pretty easy to make.

What you will need:

1. Craft foam - preferably in black so you don't have to paint it, but if you can't get it in the colour you need then add paint you your material list
2. Ribbon /paint - this is fro the stripe that runs through the ribbon
3. Small crocodile hair pins
4. Hot glue gun
5. Scissors


1) Cut 8 rectangles out of craft foam around 3 cm x 10 cm. 4 for each side

2) Join 4 strips on the short sides to create a square.

3) Glue down/paint on the strip in the middle.

My stripe is red instead of bright pink cause the version I'm doing has red  stripes.

If you are painting, paint the black base first and let dry. Meanwhile prepare a paper stencil for the stripe. Lay over the stencil on the paint is dry and paint away. You may have to work in layers. This was you can paint the straight line without worry.

4. Glue a crocodile pin to the inside of one of one of the sides of the square. That will become the bottom of your ribbon.

I would prefer smaller clips but theses were all I could find, so if you can get some smaller ones with a flat top.

To wear, gather some hair on the base wig, clip the ribbons and clip on the tails. There you have it.

If you want, the craft foam can be replaced with thicker material like cardboard so that it stands sturdier.

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