Making Fingerless Gloves from Pantyhose/Stockings

Easy tutorial time :D

Always needed a pair of fingerless gloves but needed them to fit against the skin and stay up with minimal hassle? Here is a tutorial that can let you have a pair in 5 minutes
What you'll need:

1. A pair of pantyhose / stockings - In this tutorial we are using panty hose, cause it came in the colour we needed.
2. Scissors
3. Needle and thread

SHORTEST LIST OF MATERIALS EVER!!!!! (from me at least)


1) Cut away the area that covers your crotch and hips. We will only need the stocking part of the panty hose. Next put on a stocking on one of your arms.

The crotch.hip area of the pantyhose can now become safety shorts ~o.o~
Fits like a glove
2) Stretch your fingers and cut a small hole at the tips of the fingers. now more pantyhoses and stockings are made of extremely stretchy materials. So only cut a tiny hole, and it will stretch around your fingers.
The points to cut are extremely visible. Just follow the finger tips
A small cut will do and the fingers should begin to poke through

3) Sew over the bits of fabric that go between your fingers. This is so that the material will stop stretching and tear as you use it. 

As you move, the parts between your fingers stretch and will most likely tear. So be sure to sew them down.

Special thanks to model Ten :)


  1. AWESOME! Really useful for hiding my henna desighn in school while looking awesome and like Megami Saiko (Yandere Simulator)

  2. Did this need any elastic band or anything to keep it up on your arm?

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