Changing the colour of your high-heels

A pretty simple filler tutorial just to update the site.

Have a pair of heels that's perfect but noooo, it's the wrong colour? Fret not! This tutorial only takes about 15mins to complete!

(Apology in advance for the somewhat crappy pictures. It's late and I'm using my phone camera.)

So first! Items needed!

  • A pair of heels, preferably white so that the colour would appear more vividly
  • Sponge (I cut mine from a normal dishwashing sponge)
  • Acrylic paint
  • Water

1. Spray/ Dip/ Whatever your sponge so that it is damp, not wet. DAMP. If you're using a spray bottle like me, just spray once!

2. Squeeze out your paint onto the sponge. 

3. Dab the paint around your pair of heels. Spread the paint by moving in only one direction. Use quick, short strokes in one direction to ensure that there are less stroke marks and that the paint is spread evenly.

4. Leave to dry and paint the other side.

5. REPEAT! I used about 3 layers of paint on my pair of heels to ensure that it looked decent and the colour came out so that it didn't look faded etc. The more layers you use, the more your colour would stand out/ appear.

When you come across the hem things, where two parts connect and you want to paint that part as well but you just can't seem to paint it, paint against the hem instead of in the hem direction.

Why a sponge and not a paintbrush you say? Well, using a sponge reduces the amount of brush strokes and spreads the paint out more evenly in a quick manner. Useful especially during time constraints and when you're rushing. 

Tadah! Finished heels!

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