Wig Tutorial: Wefts - Sewing Method

Hey hey heyyyy, what's up guyssssssssssss.

Anyway, wig tutorial about wefts. Well, not really a tutorial but just a really short, brief method on creating wefts, just so you guys can get a rough idea on how to create wefts in the first place.

So what are wefts in the first place, you may ask.

Well wefts are..

.. basically wig hair that you can add to your wig for volume, style, length and colour/ highlights.

So wefts can be bought online but it'll be difficult to match the wefts to your wig colour unless you're buying from shops with fixed shades.

There's a few methods you can use to create wefts, for example, cutting a wig and using whatever you cut up to create wefts, gluing wig strands together to create wefts or cutting up the entire wig to get the wefts.

Here's the sewing method that I use the most when creating wefts from wigs. Bear with me, images are from google images.

Items needed:

  • A relatively long, thick wig
  • Scissors 
  • Sewing Machine 
  • Thread in the colour of the wig 
  • Netting fabric (get the ones with the smallest holes as possible) 
  • Needle


Cut the wig. Basically you cut your wig to the length you want but keep whatever you just cut off. We'll be using these for the wefts.

If you just need a little for sideburns or things like that, cut from the bottom few layers if you don't want to create a layered effect. Else, just cut from the top.

2) So now you have wig strands and I bet they're messy and annoying. Tie them up for now.

Grab your netting and cut it up to about as long as you want (Note: This is talking about the length). Ensure that your width is at least 3 inches wide.

3) This would get a bit messy. Get ready your sewing machine and turn off all fans and stay away from wind!

Grab your wig strands and spread them out on the bottom half of the netting that you've cut. Ensure that it is spread evenly and that the strands are roughly of equal length. To save yourself a major headache, also ensure that the wig strands are not tangled when you're doing this.

4) Fold the top part of the netting over. Using the smallest/ closest stitching on your machine, sew two or three lines across the part you folded down.

Aaaaaaaaand you basically got yourself a weft!

You can now use this weft to add into your wig etc. Handsew the weft directly into your wig. This would be covered in another tutorial entirely.

Have fun! It's a frustrating process but it will pay off, trust me!

Excuse the messy pictures, feel free to comment if you have questions. This tutorial was done during school hours on a laptop with no mouse. So.. yeah.

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