Fake piercings

So you wanna have piercings for a cos, or a look but can't bring yourself to get the needle. Well have no fear there are non needle involved methods of getting some body jewels that can last the day. Plus they are simple and easy :D

This tutorial will have the ring type piercings and the stud type.

Ring Type

What you'll need:

1. A pair of hoop style earrings. They can come in a closed circle or an open circle.

Open Circle

Closed Circle
2. Scissors or Pliers

3. Super glue


1. Get the scissors or pliers and break off the part of the earring that is meant to be pierced into your flesh.

2. Carefully put a dot of glue on the ends of the area that has just been broken off. This will prevent any sharp edges from cutting you.

3. Try it on and squeeze the rign a lil tighter so that it fits closer to the skin. You wanna make it look like you really pierced yourself. This is ideal for lip piercings. And Done.

Stud Type

What you'll need:

1. Beads in a roudn ball shape

2. Eye lash glue. We used 'Darkness' clear dry eyelash glue


1. Apply glue to the area you intend to have a piercing, let it get a lil tacky, and then stick the bead onto the area. It should stick and your piercing is done.

This method also works for sticking jewels onto your skin. Make sure the jewels are flat on the base for them to stick to your skin.

Hope this helps those out there who need an easy fix to piercing dilemmas.

Example photo of our piercings:

Blue with bridge and lip piercings. Xin with lip stud and jewels on face, and Khymichi with snake fangs style lip piercings.

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