Tails's Tails

Like hey, CosStich has has a slow month last month. But January was quite hectic here in Asia with New Years then Chinese New Years all close to each other. Holidays are a lot of works here. So time is consumed into real life.

But now we are back to updating, and everyone is going back into the rhythm of life. This post will be teaching you how to make Tails's Tails from Sonic he Hedgehog.

This tutorial basically came about because our group's Tails has been cheated of his proper tails. So here we are making him better tails. Woot Tails! haha.

Anyway, let's do this


1. Orange Felt A3 size x 4. You can get this from Art Friend or Popular. Less then SGD 2.00

2. White Felt A3 size x 2. Same place and price as the orange felt

3. Thread, white and orange. White isn't in the picture

4. Needle. Can you see it in the pic? ><

5. Scissors. If you notice I am using other scissors, this is cause my cloth scissors doesn't cut as smoothly through felt

6. Wire. You'll need a thick one for these tails. Art Friend the only place I know where to get them. It is around SGD 10 for a large roll. You won't need that much, but just get the whole roll and you can use it for many more projects to come. I am using roughly 80 cm of wire per tail.

7. Pencil, to mark out your shape

8. Pliers, preferably with a wire cutter

9. Pins, to mark and keep things in place

10. Stuffing. Also not in the photo, but you can get a bag of polyester stuffing ( i think its polyester. it's poly something) from Art Friend for about SGD 8.00. the bag may look small, but the stuff has actually been compressed, it expands after the bag opens. But I would get two bags just in case.

And we begin:

1. Get two pieces of orange felt and one piece of white felt. Lay the orange pieces on top of each other; aligned. Fold the white felt in half and attach it about 6 cm in to the orange felt.

2. Draw on the tail shape and pin along the lines. Now its okay if the orange bit looks short, just don't close it up and we'll extend it later.

Tail should look like this after step one and two

3. Cut around the line you drew out with a 0.5 cm border.

4. Cut the bit of the white felt that is attached together.

5. Now you should have some extra bits of orange felt like so after you have cut out the tail :

Take them both and attach them to the orange end of the tail, like so:

Draw out the lines from both ends and make them end as a pointed tip, and cut :

6. Repeat steps one to five and you got two tails. Yay

Twin Tails :3

7. Now, before you sew them together, the tails have to turned inside out.

Make sure when you are getting them inside out, that you have the ends of the white zig zags bits aligned.

Nice alignment

8. Get your pliers and turn in one end of the wire into a closed hook.

9. Lay the wire along the centre of the tail. It should be longer then the tail

10. Now sew on the hook bit to the tip of your tail on the white side. Don't stitch it to the ends of the felt, but at the tip of your drawn lines.

11. Sew the pieces of felt together along the line that you drew out for the shapes. I used the corresponding colour of the the felt for the threads just in case when i put in the stuffing later and you can see the threads.

Don't sew the tails closed. Leave a far bit at the orange side open so you can turn it right side out.

Not all the way

12. After sewing, now we turn it inside out. The wire is actually really key in helping this troublesome process. Just flip the wire in the opposite direction like so:

Now, push it through all the way out of the hole on the orange end.

13. Sew down all the loose bits. I realize if this was done earlier it might have been easier. But I don't know.

14. Stuff in the stuffing. Just stuff until the section that you have sewed.

15. Sew the remaining open bit of the tail closed but keep adding some stuffing as you.

16. When you close it all the way you are done. Yay! Repeat step 7 - 16 and you are done with two tails. Even more Yay!!

In case you were wondering why put in the wire besides helping turn the tails inside out, they are so you can maneuver the tails to stand or twist or whatever. Such as so:

The extra bit of the wire sticking out of the tails is to help you attach the tails to a belt or around something. These aren't going to be used until the 11th so I can't really post any examples until then ><

Random cat being jealous of the tails in the meantime:

Aww he is upset cause he has a stubby tail

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