Simple Imitation Gold Band Belt

Today we are going to have a simple tutorial. As the title says we will be making a gold band belt. Now this is a pretty simple thing to make but with a slight twist.
Usually when I am making things like belts I would just alter an existing belt, however this belt is different. Today we are making Konzen Douji's from Saiyuki Gaiden belt. Reference

As you can see that ain't no regular belt D: and I don't want any weird overlapping. I want a flat metal band around my waist. So I found a solution that doesn't need Velcro tape as I hate the sound of Velcro and I don't have to glue myself into the belt. YEA!!!

What you will need:

1. Art card. Can be bought from Art Friend or Popular. I used a 350 g card as I like it to be thick. There was a 460 g card available, but it doesn't bend as well in my opinion, but its up to your preference.

2. Craft foam. It doesn't really matter what colour you get actually, it's gonna be covered. Art Friend now has an A3 size piece available yay! A4 was really testing my patience. So smallll. Popular has cheaper prices but I didn't see the A3 size one.

3. White glue

4. Brush

5. Ruler, I suggest metal because it is heavy and holds down the paper, and it is less likely for the blade to slip and cut you. It really hurts when that happens

6. Pencil

7. Scissors/Blade and cutting mat

8. Newspapers. Old ones are probably lying around in your house in stacks

9. Screw on studs. This is what we are going to use to hold the belt together. You can get them for less then a SGD 1 each at an accessory store in People's Park in Chinatown. It is a little costly, but if you get more the 50 pieces you can haggle but I don't need that many this time. Maybe one day when I am making an armour.

10. Traditional hole puncher. This is not your regular office supply. This is a book binding tool. A ice pick is a good replacement if you can't find one. I don't remember where I got mine, but try your luck at Art Friend

11. Gold spray paint. I am using Premium Gold

12. Black spray paint (not photographed) Using Flat Black

What to do:

1. To get started, measure out a 9 cm wide strip. I used the entire long length of the art card so I can adjust easier and mark.

Kitty assistant helping mark out the lines, too bad he has the pencil the other way around

Make sure you leave space for the card to overlap like so:

Leave a mark to mark out where you are planing to close the belt and add 4 cm of length. If you are measuring yourself, get the size of your hips or waist of wherever in between where the belt sits and add 4 -6 cm to the length.

Cut out the strip.

2. Measure a 1 cm wide strip along the longest side of the craft foam and cut out a few of the same strips. I needed 4 strips for my belt.

Other kitty assistant keeping track of the strips

4 strips

3. Glue on the craft foam strips on to the long edges of the belt.

If you noticed, I kept the belt curled. That is because if I stick on the foam while it lays flat and bend it later, the foam moves.

I only stuck half the strips on and the other half just hangs out. You don't have to do this but I just preferred it as I feel my cutting of the art card strip doesn't look clean.

Also I didn't go pass the mark where the belt is suppose to end.

4. Newspaper time! Tear strips of newspaper wider then your belt and glue on like so:

Use a bit of water to be sure you don't leave air bubbles

5. After it is coated with newspaper, put on a heavy coat of white glue.

It looks white now, but it will dry clear. Leave over night to dry.

It should have dried clear overnight and feel quite hard and plastic-y to touch now.

Hard stuff

6. Spray paint time. First spray an even layer of black and let dry.

Once dray spray a couple of coats of gold and let dry.

The reason I like to spray black first is because I feel a more even colour will come on when I spray the gold. The gold spray paint is a lil see through, so that causes the uneven tones of the newspaper to effect the final outcome sometimes.

7. Align the belt close and hold it together as you mark out where you want to punch the holes. I am using 3 studs, so 3 holes. Take the hole puncher and just pierce through. Try not to make the hole too wide. Slide in your studs and screw close. DONE!! YAY!!


I made the holes a lil too close to the edge, be sure you don't make them as close

Looks crumply from air bubbles, not enough water in my glue but it still photographed well

You can also make other items using this method:

Konzen!!! made the collar and the leg band using the same method

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