Exp : Puffy Safety Petticoat

First experiment. Any post with a Exp in the title is an Experiment that we are sharing.

I was working on a  short skirt, but i was worried about upskirts, and wearing denim shorts (all i own in terms of shorts) underneath the skirts kinda looks bad at the safe time. Safety shorts also didn't seem like really nice as well, since there is a space between my leg and the skirts. So i thought of a shot petticoat that will puff my skirt up a bit and fill the space between my leg and skirt while protecting me from being upskirt.

Because of the puffiness, I couldn't get a clear picture of the process. This tutorial/experiment will be illustrated out with simple lime drawings.


1. measuring tape
2. scissors
3. needle pr sewing machine
4. thread
5. dress pins
6. pencil
7. cotton lining fabric ; this is the cheapest one you can get, like SGD 2 - SGD 2.50 per meter from Chinatown or Arab Street, the more you get the more you can haggle, and it never hurts to have a lot of this fabric, since you basically line everything with it, and they come in a variety of colours :)

And begin:

1. Begin by making a basic puffy skirt. First measure out a strip to be your waistband and sew in the skirt, remember to sew it like you are sewing a ruffle. To make the skirt, i measured how long i wanted the skirt to be and cut the skirt cloth to be double that length. Then fold in half and sew it into the waist band.

Basic puffy skirt

cut open side view. the skirt piece is folded in half and sewn into the waistband
2. Now here is the part we begin to make it a safety petticoat. First off measure the circumference of the part of your thigh that the skirt should end. Then cut out two strips of cloth about 2.5 times that length.

Cut two strips like so, it can be more then 2.5 times if you feel you need more
 3. Now fold the strips in half horizontally across and sew them into the skirt like the image below. Use the same ruffle sewing method. Note: The image may make it look like you have to sew the strips shut but you don't. Basically DON'T sew them close, cause that will be the area for your legs to go through. Only sew the strips to yhe skirt.
Bottom of the skirt
4. Now to make your perfect close to the skin leg hole of your puffy petti, wear it on. Take a thread and roughly make a wide straight stich through the fabric that is around your leg and pull. This should tighten the hole around your leg like a drawstring bag being closed. Knot it off and you are done.

Put on the safety petti

The red area shows the gap that will efinaitely be there when you put on the skirt

S: Start Point / E: Point / Sew a Straight stich and be careful no to poke yourself, stiches dont have to be small

Pull and knot the thread. The leg hole of the petti should be snug against your leg
In the end you should have something that looks like the images below.
Don't be shocked, UPSKIRT PICS ahead!!!!!!!
Total blockage

Really close to the skin
Wearing the puffy petti under a skirt shall give an  effect like the image below.
Puffy effect
Hopefully, this experimental tutorial was of some help for those who would like another method besides safety shorts under a puffy skirt.

Feel free to comment and questions

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