Dyeing Fake Fur

Alright, lately it's been a lil difficult to find fake fur in a variety of colours at an affordable price. Having them sold at SGD 20 something per meter is no help, especially if you only require a little bit to let's say make a pair of ears and a tail prehaps. So, instead of forking out more cash then I care to on buying more fur, I figured why not dye the fur instead. Since I already had more then a meter with me in storage from a few years back it seemed a shame to waste it.

Materials needed:
1. Fake fur, mine is white. Bought it a few years back in Chinatown, just to line a collar, so you can see the extreme wastage of fur I have.

2. Acrylic ink of the colour of choice, if you can't find the exact colour you want, just get the primary to mix the colour

3. Ethanol or rubbing alcohol. Now being a practising artist, I have actual ethanol in my possession from Straights Commercial at North Bridge Road, Bugis area behind the National Library. However, I highly doubt that most others who will use this tutorial will actually need such a quantity, so rubbing alcohol from Guardian or Watsons at SGD 5 something or so a bottle would be fine.

4. A spray bottler

5. Newspaper

6. Metal toothed hair brush

As you can from the list of materials, the process is inspired from the usual synthetic wig dyeing technique. This basically works the same but with some minor adjustments

1. Depending on the size of the fur you wish to dye, the following formula, has to be adjusted. My pieces are about (15 cm by 10 cm)x2. Put into the bottle, about one shot glass worth of ethanol or 1/3 of a bottle of rubbing alcohol, together with half that amount of water and about three to four table spoons of ink. We need a lot more ink, if we want a quick and heavy colour to be applied to the fur.

2. Comb the fur into the opposite direction you which for it to be and begin spraying. You can choose to wait, or you can just use your fingers and comb the fur back into the direction that you wish for it to follow and spray. Make sure you spray it evenly

3. Leave the newly coloured piece of fur onto newspaper to dry over night. Now the fur will probably be kinda tangled from the dye treatment but don't fuss with it until it is dry.

4. After its dry just comb the fur in the direction you wish the follicles to face. After combing you'll find that there area still white areas, just spray the colour again into the white areas, leave to dry.

Step 4 didn't have to be repeated when I did it but, if you feel you have to, just repeating step 4 until you are satisfied. The fur will rougher from the dye job but it didn't bother me. So, if you are one for fime fur, just keep reapeating step 4 and you are done.

Simple and easy

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