Simple Felt Ears

For the debut post of this site, after a simple meeting, felt ears making is the first tutorial of the site. Many sites offer this tutorial as well, but I haven't researched thier methods, to link up here.
This is a basic technique to get some nice, stiff, cost efficient ears. With the amount of material actually used to make these ears, they should cost around SGD 5.00

What you will need:

1. Felt, main colour of your wig or character ears

  • In this it is for Amy Rose gijinka
  • I picked up my felt from Art Friend. It was a bit expensive for felt in my opinion, SGD 1.00 per piece, but if you have alternative sources fell free to comment on this postr

2. Felt, colour of the inner ear

  • I picked cream vanilla as the inner ear colour instead of white, becuase Amy has skin colour arms and I wanted to match it up

3. Thin headband

  • Your ears will be attached to this headband. Its good to get a headband that is thin and the colour of your wig, so you can hide it better in the hair.
  • This type of head band can be bought for less then SGD 2.00 at various acccesories stores

4. Needles

5. Scissors

  • Now you don't need tailor sccissors like mine for felt cutting. Normal ones like Ikea ones or school ones will suffice

6. Thread

  • Pick thread colours as close to the felt colours as possible. We want the sticthing to be almost hidden
  • Varieties fo thread colours are available in Chinatown, Arab Street or as a last resort Spotlight and Art Friend

7. Batting

  • Now this is what adds extra stiffness to your ears
  • Batting can be bought from Chinatown at the stores that specialize in threads and laces as well as sewing accessories. There are two of them I frequent next to each other near Swanstons.
  • You can also buy a bag of them from Art Friend or Spotlight for about SGD 8.00 a bag. The one I got from Chinatown was SGD 3.00 a meter
  • Alternatively you can go to Daiso, everything SGD 2.00 and get the bowl packing sheets (kitchen section). They are made of plastic and work the same. Seeing as they come in a simple square about half the size and A4 paper sheet and 10 in a bag, you can easily share with a lot of friends and have little leftover

8. Optional cup of tea

Let's start:

1. The most common ears used for character design are usually nekomimi (cat ears). Amy's ears are about the same. The base of these ears are triangles. These can be sharp tipped but I prefer a more rounded tip for this character. Firstly, cut a shape as follows:

If you notice, the bottom of the ear is curved. This will actually make it easier to attach it to the headband as well as follow the shape of you head.

2. You will need four (4) of the triangular pieces. Easiest way is just to overlay the first piece, hold and cut. Basically using the first piece as a template.

3. You will need two (2) pieces of the inner ear colour. Cut them out using your template as well.

However note that the inner ear should not align with the back fo the ear (your template). There should be some distance from the edge. What I do is that after cutting the inner ear colour out with the template, I arrange the inner ear colour lower in vertical alignment.

You will need the extra bit that sticks out at the bottom, so don't cut it away.

4. To cut the front of the ear out, just cut out a smaller triangle from the centre of one of the main colour pieces. You will need two (2) of these.

5. Cut out some batting in the same shape. All your pieces should look like the this x2 :

Each ear will be arranged like the image above shows,

Back of ear, batting, inner ear, front of ear.

Sewing time!!!

1. Begin by taking the inner ear colour thread and sew the inner ear and the front of the ear together. This will prevent movement of the felts and look a little tighter. You can also chose to glue this pieces together with glue, but I doubt the lasting effects of glue on fabrics of all kind.

End result should be like the following, sew as close to the edge as possible, so that the seam is barely visible
2. Next take the piece you just sewed and attach it to tha back of the ear and begin stiching them together. Don't forget the batting in the middle. I usually dont let the batting touch the edges so that no fluff will show. So don't worry about not sewing the batting cause the next step will show you how to secure it in.

Ear should look like so, at this point

Remember to leave a little gap like the image below on both sides of the ear. We need this to be able to attach the ears to the headband

Attaching the ears to the headband:

1. Place the ears on the headband like so:

2. Now take the extra bit of the inner ear and tuck it into the ear. Make sure the headband is cover buy the inner ear bit when you fold it in. It should look like this:

3. Now sew it together. You can either hold the ear in place or pin it while you sew along. My preference is holding.

The closing should look like this when you are done:

4. One ear done, now repeat from sewing for the other ear.

End product should be like so:

Had to remove background of image since the ears blended with my table XP

I hope this helps and feel free to ask questions and give feedback.

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  1. HI. 8D

    Regarding felt, you can it from Popular or Daiso. Daiso has larger sheets of felt but might not have the colour you need. Popular has them for about $1.55 for 2 25cm x 25cm felt squares in a packet labelled "Knitty Craft".

    Alternatively, instead of batting or interfacing the ears, you could also use the scraps of felt that you have left and stuff them into the ears. It'll help make the ears less flat and more stiffer. :)