Finn's Demon Blood Sword Cross Guard

First off, we apologize for not updating for a year. yes, we are terrible people, but this year has a lot going on for Blue and I, that didn't get a chance to record and write anything. Sorry again.

Anyway this is in response to Reed Odell's request. Since I didn't get to photograph how I made the cross guard, I took a while to figure out how to explain with photoshop graphics, sorry.

Wig washing tutorial


Blue here with a simple filler update on wig-washing. It's actually really simple so I've no idea why I made it into a tutorial since there's a bazillion other wig washing tutorials out there. Maybe some poor soul with a dirty, smelly, hairspray-dried wig may find this helpful. 8'D

Let's get started then!

Basic Cosplay Sword


Well there are a lot of swords out there but be specific this tutorial will be making a Claymore, also known as Scottish Broad Sword. More info found here.

As per usual have your reference ready, we'll be making Finn's demonblood sword from Adventure Time today. I know its a  little more decorated but the basic concept is about the same :3 Have as many reference from every angle possible however claymores tend to be more or less symmetrical (this makes it hard cause errors are more obvious).

Making Fingerless Gloves from Pantyhose/Stockings

Easy tutorial time :D

Always needed a pair of fingerless gloves but needed them to fit against the skin and stay up with minimal hassle? Here is a tutorial that can let you have a pair in 5 minutes